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Looking For Art Classes and Instruction in Dumont NJ

Attention all artists looking for art classes in Dumont NJ! Maud Guilfoyle is running helpful and insightful art classes in Demarest NJ at the Art School at Old Church. These art classes are perfect for all levels from beginners to the advanced and all are more than welcome. You will develop your drawing and painting style with still life and landscape paints through Maud Guilfoyle’s watercolor, oil and acrylic classes. These and other classes at the Art School have been approved for teachers’ PDP credit.

Where To Go For Watercolor Classes in Dumont NJ

Brilliance of color is one thing that watercolor painting is famous for. Also, they are a popular choice for artists on the go, as watercolor paints are simple to pack up and set up. Maud will direct you in these watercolor classes so that you can become skilled enough to create watercolor paintings you will be pleased with.

Discover the basics of still life and landscape painting in these classes and ways you can integrate art into your everyday life, whether you are keeping an illuminated journal, looking to keep your living space more decorated or developing a portfolio.

Still Life Classes in Dumont NJ: Where To Go

We are all familiar with still life paintings, that use inanimate things as their subject. They can be typical items around the house like vases and drinking glasses, or items found in a natural setting like stones, flowers, or shells, or alternative man made or natural items. These still life classes can help you bring to life a realistic and yet beautiful still thing in painting form. Unlike a landscape or portrait, still life paintings offer artists lots of creative freedom in arranging items into a composition that interests them. If you’ve ever found yourself looking for still life classes in Dumont NJ, this is your chance!

The Place To Go For Landscape Classes in Dumont NJ

Landscape painting classes will allow us to delve into the natural beauty of the world including mountains, cliffs, valleys, rivers, oceans, forests, and seascapes. For those who have ever found yourself profoundly moved by our natural world, these landscape classes can allow you to express this in the form of a delightful painting.

Artist And Author: Available EBooks

To find out more information and guidance on the world of art past what you’ll discover within the classroom, take a look at the eBooks Maud has written. Some of the eBooks that you will find are Art School Portfolio Handbook, Artist to Artist Handbook, Artists & Money Handbook, and more recently, Art by Two. A homage to the connection between Maud and her mother, artist Peregrine Higgins and to art itself, Art By Two is illustrated with original landscape, portraits, and figure drawings. These eBooks are available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks, and are ideal for any artist or lover of art. Check out this art class at for beginner to advanced artists!